In the framework of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, Institut français presents “Tara Oceans”, two photographic exhibitions by Tara Expéditions and University College Dublin – UCD on Saadiyat Public Beach and at Monte-Carlo Beach Club from January 20 to February 8, 2014. On this occasion, many related public programs, including lectures by scholars, film discussion series, and school tours are organized.

All the parallel events are free and open to all.

On Saturday 1st February at 2:30pm, don’t miss a lecture “feets on the sand” by pre-eminent researcher Dr. John Burt:

Coral Reefs of the Arabian Gulf: A Natural Laboratory for Climate Change Research 

The Arabian Gulf is a young sea characterized by extreme environmental conditions, with salinity, turbidity, and sea temperatures that are well outside of the range normally experienced by corals. Summer sea temperatures in the Gulf, for example, exceed that predicted for most coral reefs for at least the next century. As such, there is incredible opportunity and interest in exploring the biology of corals in the Gulf as a proxy for understanding the potential impacts of climate change in other regions and the capacity for corals to cope with projected temperature increases. In this lecture, Dr. John Burt will provide an overview of the natural history of the Gulf, explore how reef science has developed in the past several decades, and emphasize the need for better integration of science with management and policy to enhance sustainability of the unique coral reef ecosystems in the region.
Dr. John Burt is an Associate Professor of Biology and Head of the Marine Biology Laboratory at New York University Abu Dhabi. His lab uses the extreme environment of the Arabian Gulf as a model ecosystem to study how coral reef fauna respond to thermal extremes and how future climate change may affect reef fauna in other regions.