Book Fair Abu Dhabi has become a major event for the Arabic market ; Gulf publishers, North Africa, Lebanese, Jordanians, Egyptians await you and identify it as an important moment for their trade and sales.

The fair seems to have found its identity among the myriad of Arabic shows: that of an appointment of export trading, where the desire to build and realize arises. The efforts and support for the translation made by the organizers of the Fair and the authorities programs reflect a renewed commitment to create a bridge between publishers in the Arab world and the rest of the world.

In its 2014 edition , the “Pavillon France” , co- managed by the “Bureau international de l’édition française (BIEF)” and the Dubai French bookstore “Culture & Co” in partnership with the Institut français will be particularly lively . Oriented comics and youth, we will have the opportunity to meet and participate in workshops youth following authors: Sylvaine Jaoui and Roxane Marie Galliez and Jan Loof , Swedish author translated into French that meet his young audience on Saturday May 3 Cartoonist Nicolas Wild is the Illustrator’s Corner and lead a workshop on the France Pavilion in company Noreddine Allam , author of Muslim Show Edited by Dargaud and this Friday, May 4th at 18:30 .

For older people , literature and geopolitics will be in the program during a meeting with the dedication geographer Frank Tétart , Atlas 2014 Thursday, May 1 at 17:00 , the author Gabriel Malika dedicate his works, Qatarina et les Meilleures intentions du monde, Friday, May 2 at 18:30 and a beautiful dedication meeting with Swedish authors Kristina Ohlsson, Catharina Ingelman – Sundberg and Majgull Axelsson all of which were translated into French and are holding numerous literary awards .

In 2014, the French Pavilion, especially dedicated to comics and children books will host a number of fascinating authors, illustrators and publishers including: Sylvaine Jaoui(Ma vie selon Moi – comme tu l’as dit),Roxane Marie Galliez (The Earth has caught a cold), Nicolas Wild (Kabul Disco),Noreddine Allam (Muslim Show),Franck Tétart (Grand Atlas 2014), Gabriel Malika (Qatarina,Les Meilleures intentions du monde),Marion Mazauric (‘Au Diable Vauvert’ publishing house Director) and Martine Bertéa (Foreign Rights Director of the National Center for Scientific Research publishing house).
Country guest of honor : Sweden! with special book signings on the French Pavilion by the Swedish authors Kristina Ohlsson, Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg and Majgull Axelsson and Jan Lööf, all of them translated into French.

French authors :

Sylvaine Jaoui

Sylvaine Jaoui was born in 1962 in Tunisia. After spending her childhood dreaming in her father’s bookstore and the printing press of her grandfather, she decided once and for all that life was a novel. She began telling many stories trapped between two slices of cardboard. And today, when she’s not writing on her kitchen table, she would either be listening to her partner playing the piano, watching series with her daughters while eating bear chocolates, negotiates with the moles in her garden (her secret hideout) to rather go to the neighbor’s, or she would be in her school in Paris, reading novels to a tribe of teenagers.

Roxane Marie Galliez

Roxane Marie Galliez is a French writer and poet, born in 1973 in the North of France.

She has published more than twenty children books, translated into 12 languages among which Arabic and English. Her book The Earth has caught a cold is adapted as a play for the theatre.

Her writings give a prominent place to Nature (Wind, Moon …). They also describe imaginary worlds and bring out a philosophy of life, resolutely optimistic despite sometimes-sensitive issues (bereavement, disability, poverty, grief, etc.)

A Doctor in History of Ancient Civilizations, she worked on the mythology and medicine in Ancient Greece. After living several years in the South Pacific where she was a journalist, she now lives in France, where she devotes herself to writing.

Noredine Allam

Noredine Allam is a French cartoonist and comic book writer ; he is the creator of the studio colorists 2HB in 1995.

Noredine Allam left the benches of the school at 17 years old to become a cartoonist. In the process, he creates Amiens 2HB studio initially specialize in graffiti. The structure is experiencing a rapid success and orders flow municipalities and businesses. More than a hundred graffiti and murals are made throughout France a few years. Noredine Allam  becomes one of the leading figures of the emerging culture of neighborhoods and participates in many national conferences.

In 1999, he embarked on colorization. It will work well on the colors of the series Dust infinity and becomes designer for BD taken from the television series Leah Parker on M6. Always at M6 Editions, he scripted the “Maïsha Africa” series, with Greg Blon.

In 2009, he created the ” Muslim Show” series with Greg Blondin and Karim Allam ; the first francophone series illustrating a humorous everyday Muslims living in the West. The series will be published in editions BDouin , it creates for the occasion, in partnership with the Publisher Dargaud. The series knows a great international success through the social network Facebook.

Frank Tétart

Frank Tétart has a doctorate in geopolitics from the “Institut français de géopolitique” ( French Institute of Geopolitics) (University Paris VIII), and he is graduated in International Relations ( University of Paris 1 Panthéon -Sorbonne ) he is also a French essayist .

From 2005 to 2011, he taught as a lecturer at Sciences -Po Paris, the politics of geography on geo-economic and geopolitical dynamics of the Persian Gulf, and the Magisterium of International Relations ( Paris 1). Since September 2011, he is professor of history and geography at the French Lycée Louis Massignon and the Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi ( UAE ).

Gabriel Malika

Gabriel Malika is a French writer. He was born in 1969. He lives in the Middle East since 2005.
His first novel, Les Meilleures intentions du monde was published in 2011 by Éditions Intervalles. To date, it is one of the top selling French books in the U.A.E.
On the 23rd of January 2014, Gabriel Malika published his second novel, Qatarina.
Since 2012, Gabriel Malika is a moderator at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. He hosted celebrated authors such as Jérôme Ferrari (Prix Goncourt 2012), Maxime Chatham and Katherine Pancol.
Gabriel Malika is often invited to speak at the radio talk show, « Talking of books » on Dubai Eye 103.8 FM.

Nicolas Wild 

Born in Alsace (East of France) in 1977, Nicolas Wild graduated in illustration from the art academy in Strasbourg (Arts Décos). In 2001, he spent a post graduate year in Boston, USA (School of the Museum of Fine Arts).

He published his first graphic novel, Le Vœu de Marc (Marc’s vow), in 2005, and left shortly after for Afghanistan, where he worked for two years as an illustrator at Sayara Media, a communication agency based in Kabul, creating comic books, posters, booklets, Flash animations for various projects of civic and social communication.

In 2007, he published the first volume of Kabul Disco, a graphic novel in which he describes his life as an expatriate in Afghanistan. Volume 2 was published in 2008 – volume 3 is still in preparation, and much awaited by the public. Kabul Disco has been translated into English and published by Harper Collins India.

Friday May 2, 5h15PM-6h15 PM :Panel “Reading and Writing in the Digital Age” organized par PSUAD. Discussion Sofa (Hall 12 K 50). Guests: Nicolas Wild, author and Ilustrator and Marion Mazauric, Director of the publishing house, “Au Diable Vauvert”.

Institut français warmly thanks all of its sponsors and partners for their involvement in this project:




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