News from our event “When Art meets Football”, which took place on Wednesday the 18th of June within the framework of the Artscape evening organised by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority.

“When Art meets Football” was the occasion to present a unique performance with several freestyle football shows featuring Rodolfo, professional freestyle footballer and the making of a street art fresco realised by the brasilian artist, Tarsila Schubert, on the theme “The passion for football and its interconnexion with the arts.

Here is the amazing result of the live painting fresco realised by Tarsila Schubert entitled Unione:

Unione, Tarsila Schubert

Videos of the event “When Art meets Football”:

1/ Short teaser 1 (trailer n°1)

2/ Long teaser 2 (trailer n°2)

3/ Tarsila Schubert video, the brasilian artist painter

4/ Rodolfo show video, freestyle footballer

5/ Freestyle Football workshop with children

6/ Integral video of the event

7/ All the videos of the event “When Art meets Football”

Institut français’s project:

  • The concept

The idea of the Institut français is to start from the counterfeit football shirt of Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast footballer who grew up in France) from Chelsea FC Club (one of the last objects presented in the current exhibition The History of the World in 100 objects in Manarat Al Saadiyat) to jump on another famous object namely the football ball and promote, through these two objects, the universal and global passion for football that especially culminates during World Football Cups.

From players passing in the game, football ball is the perfect emblematic symbol of the sharing and the exchange between people all over the world. And indeed, football itself, the world’s most popular sport, can also create surprising international connections between players, transfers, football matches, sponsors and partners involved.

This is a large-scale, global and globalised phenomenon. Passion for football is ubiquitous and so powerful that it inspires connections far beyond the game but also through artistic expressions like football freestyle and more generally speaking, through diverse street art practices rooted in today’s urban and pop culture.

  • The project:

–  Invite the Vice France Champion of freestyle football himself to realize a live, interactive, inventive and fun artistic performance juggling with the ball, executing amazing figures. They will be three appearances on stage during the whole evening. See Rodolfo’s amazing performances here.

–  The audience, kids, families, everyone will also be invited after the show to share the experience in a workshop and try its hands to play freestyle football with the freestyle footballer.

–  Invite the Brazilian street art tagger, Tarsila Schubert to realize a fresco on the theme: “Passion for football and global connections” and present it on stage at the end of the evening.

Our goal is to create a collaborative artistic performance linking the freestyle football show, the street art tagger fresco and the audience in a dynamic, musical and interactive experience based on the universal passion for football embodied through diverse artistic expressions.

Our partners:

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