Institut français in the United Arab Emirates and the media Attaché of the Embassy of France to the UAE  launched with Gulf Film and Novo Cinemas “French Films in Abu Dhabi” and “Ciné 13 in Dubai” which aims at offering on a weekly basis screenings dedicated to French cinema in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The film “Evolution Man” will be offered to the public until September 6 in Novo Cinemas in Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai in french with english and arabic subtitles, in Novo Cinemas World Trade Center Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall in Abu Dhabi in english from September 2 to 9.

The thrilling story of Edouard, the oldest son of the King of the Simians who was rejected by his tribe upon birth because he was considered too srawny. He grows up with his best friend lan, faraway from his tribe. He’s inredibly ingenious : he discovers fire, hunting, modern housing, love…and even hope. A generous type, he wants to share everything, revolutionizes the establish order, and, with humour and brillance, even leads his people toward being real human beings.

Timing Dubai: 10:00/14:00/ 18:00/ 22:00 and 3D : 12:00/ 16:00/ 20:00

Timing Abu Dhabi:

World Trade Center Mall :11:00/ 15:00/ 19:00/ 13:00/ 17:00

Abu Dhabi Mall :  10:15/ 14:15/ 18:15/ 12:15/ 16:15

Trailer :