What would you do if your soul mate got married within one hour, but not to you?
Emma has the enjoyment to express you of her marriage with Hugo, the perfect man. He will take place within less than one hour in the Castle of Pleasure. Antoine has the enjoyment to express you of his return of Australia. He informs to you that he is not the perfect man. They invite you to celebrate their reunions.

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©Ingrid Mareski

Alexandra Moussai, author and player
Alexandra plays at first an unsuspicious lover in “Venice under snow” by G. Dyrek in Paris. Then, she interprets the role held previously by Agnès Jaoui in famous “A family resemblance”, that she plays more of 250 times. In 2013, she imagines a custom-made comedy, to two feminine characters and create with the precious help of Nicolas Lumbreras and Noémie de Lattre, “The therapy of the marshmallow”. In a parallel to the scene, Alexandra is an author and a comedienne of funny labels “La Pathetiquitude” on Youtube. On screen, she won the prize of the best actress in 48 hours Movie Project on 2014 with four other comediennes of “Them” realized by the collective 109. She also interprets the female lead of the short film “Sorry!!” Of Mallory Grolleau. Alexandra prepares at present with Arnaud Schmitt the film adaptation of the play, and she will perform from February of “Me like very much what you summits”, successful comedy of C. Greep in Paris.

©Emmanuel Vieilly

Arnaud Schmitt, author and player
He begin with Guillaume Mélanie in his first play “My best troubles”, then cheek with Sébastien Castro in “The mink traveler” and with Ludivine de Chastenet in “How become a Jewish mother in 10 lessons?”. After a season broadcast on FunTv as author and comedian, he plays in “Sixty degrees” of Jean Franco, forms an exceptional couple with Christophe Canard in “As them say” and cheek beside Liane Foly in “ever 2 without 3” staged by Jean-Luc Moreau. Counting more than about twenty plays to his credit, touch to everything, he stages the first only one – in Sandra Colombo’s scene, that of the Jean-Marc Joachim and that of the Pierre Cabanis, “Pierre after Pierre” the Julien Covain’s second room and manage Julia Duchaussoy and Thomas Soliveres in “Beautiful People”in Paris.




Ludivine de Chastenet, stage director
With a part of the pupils of the class 1999 of the courts Perimony, she rises “How become a Jewish mother in 10 lessons?” in whom Ludivine holds the role title and will play more of 1600 times. At the same time, Ludivine works with young authors and film directors, in particular Diasteme with whom she discovers a more intimist theater: the big duchess in “The just men” of Camus and the woman in “Horizontal”. Damien Bricoteaux asks her to be his Angèle in “lnventaire” of Myniana. Salomé Lelouch proposes her his new creations: “Meeting” and “Teacher in swimsuit” that she interprets more of 600 times. She also produced to the theater “The small lights of the city” and “The list of my desires” in Paris and in tours, “Mr Weissman’s marriage” on tour. Very attracted by the direction her will be the accomplice of several projects, among which “Cyrano 2” to the Twentieth Theater, “The brothers Tiled” in the Comedy of 3 Borders, “Upper West side” to the Theater Treviso and “Today I died” in the Movies 13.