Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi), the French Embassy in the UAE and the Institut français present ‘I Am My Language, a collaborative theatrical creation by Marcel Bozonnet and Caroline Marcadé.







Trance-Forms results from the training of UAE-based comedians from different backgrounds and countries – Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Armenia, Syria, Palestine, USA, Morocco, Columbia, France, the UAE – by professionnals from the French theatre field. Following an intensive training in Abu Dhabi, followed by training sessions at the French National School of Dramatic Arts in Paris, the artists will present I Am My Language, based on classical texts from Arabic and French literature as well as the actors’ life stories. Designed to provide a unique opportunity for talents across the country, Trance-Forms aims to profile a pioneering generation of theatrical performers in the UAE.

Trance-Forms is an initiative of the ‘Emirati-French Cultural Programme: Dialogue with the Louvre Abu Dhabi’, initiated by Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, and, in France, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Institut français.

From February 25th to 28th at 8.00pm.

Ticket from 50aed on 800tickets.com