The Institut national du patrimoine (INP) welcomes each year international professionals and students in Cultural Heritage.

The Institut national du patrimoine is an institute of higher education under the auspices of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. The mission of the Institute is to provide training to heritage curators for State civil service, local government civil service authorities and City of Paris. Another mission of the institute is to train conservators-restorers authorized to work on public collections. Training for these two closely related and complementary professions within the same establishment is unique in Europe.

The department of curators offers to international students to complete for free the full heritage curator initial training programme in French, which runs for 18 months (January to June of the following year). On completion of this training, and based on results obtained, the INP awards an international degree in heritage curator studies. It’s possible to apply for a shorter internship during the first semester (from January to June). Important : International students don’t receive a grant or financial support from INP during this training.

For international professionals, the INP gives the opportunity to follow a short personalized study cycle during 2 months and practicing heritage professionals can, under certain conditions, receive financial support during their stay in France by obtaining a grant provided by the programme « Profession Culture » offered through the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.
Applications must be addressed before 22th May 2017.

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