FROM 12-17 NOVEMBER, 2018.







This year, The Institut Français in the UAE, the cultural department of the French Embassy, is participating in Dubai Design Week with a project entirely dedicated to the emerging French design scene. The exhibition “Le French design, how innovation creates history “, curated by Maud Louvrier-Clerc redefines the links between arts, design and our ways of living, through a unique selection of creations made by 14 French designers from the collective “Made in France en Transparence”.

By skirting the boundaries between pure aestheticism and functionality, design plays a central role in our everyday life. As precursors, designers have never ceased to explore the creative possibilities offered to them by the different social, material and environmental innovations. In addition to that, design has effectively created our history and continues to help us overcome the numerous challenges of the future even today.

According to the Curator of the exhibition, Maud Louvrier-Clerc, by influencing our ways of living, design plays an important role in raising sufficient social-awareness to emerging challenges, especially ecological ones that we have to confront today: “Faced with the climatic challenges of the 21st century, it appears vital to promote an innovation geared towards sustainable development, enabling a responsible way of life. French design, in resonance with its heritage, conveys this philosophy”.

The exhibition “Le French design, how innovation creates history” also illustrates the diversity of the emerging French creators, who, in their own personal manner, use these innovations to create objects that are durable, ethical as well as environmentally-friendly.


Come discover the creations of these talented French designers from the 12th – 17th of November, on view daily from 10 am to 8 pm. For additional informations, click here.


Dubai Design District (d3)

Building 7, Atrium