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“Co-Lab: Contemporary Art and Savoir-faire” is a collaborative project, a “skills workshop” that gave to four artists living in the UAE the opportunity to be part of a unique experience alongside four historical French manufacturers.

With a view to a mutual inspiration, the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres opened its doors to Talin Hazbar to work on ceramics. The manufacturing company of Beauvais embarked upon a collaboration with Khalid Shafar, around the art of weaving. The luxury glassware firm of Saint-Just teamed up with Zeinab Alhashemi, and the MTX Broderie Architecturale engaged with Vikram Divecha.

The early beginnings of this previously unseen project revolving around creation and skills-trading was first presented at the 2016 edition of Abu Dhabi Art. The four artists-manufacturers were at the Art fair to engage the general audience in their dawning cooperation.

The original artworks created by these four artists and produced by the French manufacturers are the subject of a temporary exhibition at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Initially scheduled from 21 December 2017 to 25 March 2018, the exhibition is extended until 6 May 2018.

These four artworks hence combine the artist’s inspiration and creativity, with the technique and know-how of the French manufacturers. These four artistic projects have a common central notion: time. Each artist expresses this common theme using different approach and materials. The Sèvres ceramic techniques, the weaving art of Beauvais, the artistic glasses of Saint-Just and the architectural embroidery from MTX are reworked and exalted by the creative minds of the four UAE-based artists.

Through their very personal looks, they create unique artworks that reflect both an understanding of the UAE, and a reinvention of the use of historical French techniques.

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« Metamorphic» by Zeinab Alhashemi x Verrerie de Saint-Just / Saint-Gobain
« Train to Rouen» by Vikram Divecha x MTX – Broderie Architecturale
« Transient: a brief stay» by Talin Hazbar x Sèvres – Manufacture et Musées nationaux
« Woven year » by Khalid Shafar x Mobilier national et Manufactures des Gobelins, de Beauvais et de la Savonnerie

The artists

Zeinab Alhashemi

Vikram Divecha

Talin Hazbar

Khalid Shafar

The manufacturers


Throwback to Co-Lab’s presentation during Abu Dhabi Art 2016

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