Presented by Groupe F – Inspired by the Louvre Abu Dhabi



Fascinated by the dramatic power of fire, Christophe Berthonneau took a deeper interest in this material when he was 18. He is now renowned as one of the world’s main experts in pyrotechnics. As the artistic director of Groupe F, he joined the company shortly after its creation in the beginning of the 1990s.



Scott Gibbons is an American composer of electronic and electro-acoustic music. As a mix between delicacy and physicality, his music explores the possibilities offered by natural acoustic sound and audio technology. He works in close collaboration with Groupe F and composes the music of its
shows since 2003.


Curated as an artistic travel through time and history of humankind, “Museum
Reflections” proposes, in four acts, a poetic rewriting of the Louvre
Abu Dhabi’s collection. From the beginning of life on earth until space
exploration, the performance directed by the Groupe F at the occasion
of the museum’s opening ingeniously uses a selection of the Museum
objects from its collection and forges, through light, fire and music, a
contemplative adventure through the history of humankind.

In cohesion with the architecture of the museum, conceived by Jean Nouvel, “Museum reflections” unveils the light of the building. Between water and sky, ocean and stars, the light, in the core heart of Groupe F’s expertise, is highlighted through the diversity of the technical means set up for the event. The museum architecture will be reflected on the surrounding water and transformed in a spectacular theatre performance. Boats equipped with video effects, water-screens, floating accessories, video-mapping, artists and performes, high-scale lighting and pyrotechnic effects will be combined to celebrate the opening of the Museum. The frame of the Louvre Abu Dhabi becomes the stage of poetic
images reflecting the masterpieces of the museum. A music composed specially for the performance will immerse the spectator in a magical
ambiance. The scenes of the show will be playing with reflections and optical effects to dazzle the public and allow him to be fully immersed in
the show that will fill the sky, on land and on sea.



November 9th and 10th 2017 – upon invitation only
November 11th 2017 at 7.30pm – Free admission – limited seating available

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Groupe F

It has been 27 years that Groupe F delights skies and spectators worldwide. This company, based in Southern France, is renowned for its original pyrotechnical productions, its impressive techniques and invisible “stitching”. It has notably created the firework for the transition to the year 2000 on the Eiffel Tower and the festivities for new year’s eve in Dubai. By mixing special effects, fireworks and performing arts, the company led by Christophe Berthonneau conceives one of its kind shows. As it is in a continuous evolution, Groupe F does not stop innovating and reinventing fire show.

Present on small and large stages, the company is not limited to only the
fireworks that they are known for. Fortified by its pluridisciplinarity, Groupe F gathers actors, circassians, dancers and pyrotechnists.
Together, they create new artistic languages allowing each person to seize
the history of the place invested by the show. Groupe F transformed the classic firework world into a “total art”. Throughout the years, the company managed to put its technical abilities in the service of artistic realisation, and thus proposed unique enchanting moments to spectators all around the world. From Versailles Fountains Night Shows to the opening and closing ceremonies of Rio’s Olympic Games, Groupe F plays with light and immerses the spectator in a colorful world. Its shows, often ephemeral, invest public space and change our perception of these familiar places. The city, its buildings, nature hence become the stage of a world full of magic. After illuminating the Burj Khalifa, Groupe F comes back to the UAE to present its show “Museum Reflections” that goes with the Louvre Abu Dhabi opening.