La Fémis proposed in summer 2014 and 2015 a new training programme for young aspiring filmmakers native from the Gulf Region.

These 2 summer universities were supported by financial local sponsors (Doha Film Institute, Image Nation, Cinescape, Total, Technal, Dadabhai Travel or private donators…) and French Embassies, Alliances and French Institutes from the Gulf region, who provided scholarship fees and living expenses for each participant.

After the success of the two first editions, La Fémis would like to renew this summer programme in 2016 and, in this purpose, is actually approaching the former financial sponsors and new ones in order to offer this training programme for summer 2016. The renewal of the programme will be announced in spring 2016 by local French Embassies and sponsors.

  • La Fémis

La Fémis was created in 1986 following the footsteps of IDHEC. Chaired since 2010 by international award winning director Raoul Peck, and supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Media, La Fémis, the French national film school, trains 50 students every year to be directors, screenwriters, producers, editors, directors of photography, sound designers, production designers, continuity supervisors, film distributors and exhibitors.

Ranked as the 6 is one of the most awarded schools in the world (through its alumni). La Fémis has become a reference in France and abroad, providing an excellent level of training (50 students are selected each year amongst 1.200 applicants), based on high standards regarding films, artistic expectations.

Over twenty-five years, La Fémis’ students have directed over 2 500 short films, fictions and documentaries. Often more than exercises, some of these films are genuine works containing the seeds of new talent, which have been selected and rewarded in many festivals (Cannes Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Clermont Ferrand, Mostra, Locarno, etc).

La Fémis is located in the historic Pathé Studios (the world’s largest film equipment and production company in the early 1900) in the 18th district of Paris. It is located nearby the Sacré-Coeur, in the heart of Montmartre (which has always been the neighborhood of choice for young artists and actors).

  • Learn filmmaking in Paris

Paris is an incredible place to live in and make films. It is the birth place of cinema and was the place of many significant contributions. Several important cinematic movements, including the Nouvelle Vague, started in France.

Paris is the center of this vibrant film culture (highest density of cinemas in the world). Since the 1950s, the city has been a world capital for the study of film as an art form.

  • The programme

The Gulf Summer University is a programme proposed by La Fémis together with local sponsors and the French Embassies in the Gulf which started in 2014. This programme is open to very motivated young filmmakers, native from the Gulf regions who wish to develop their practical and theoretical knowledge of filmmaking in France.

The Gulf Summer University programme runs for 5 weeks of intensive classes, 5 days per week, during which trainees thoroughly explore the filmmaking craft. The aim is not to provide specialized technical training, but to involve trainees in creating works that allow them to better understand the roles and tasks that are part of today’s filmmaking. Trainees will also have the opportunity to discover contemporary French cinema through the study of major French directors.

The programme is divided into two parts:

  • Filmmaking: Theory

Classes are given by professionals from the French film industry in which the following subjects are taught: production craft, the work of a producer, co-production, funds and festivals, cinema aesthetics, French cinema, screenwriting, film fundamentals, script continuity, story breakdown, directing, casting…

  • Filmmaking: Practical

While making a film (in digital) based on an existing script, trainees are involved in the various stages of the project’s development: rewriting, location scouting, shooting (1 day) and editing (4 days). Each trainee makes a 5 minute fiction film. Each trainee, in turn, assumes directing, camera operating and photography, sound recording and editing. For that purpose, trainees will learn the fundamentals of cinematography, sound recording and editing.

Throughout these exercises, the trainees are supervised by professionals who regularly teach at La Fémis.

  • Language:

All courses are taught in English. The ability to speak, write and read English is compulsory.

  • Number of trainees

9 from the Gulf Region (United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain Saudi Arabia).

Admission level: students or young professionals very motivated by filmmaking, native from the Gulf region, must be at least 21 years old and not over the age of 33.

  • Information, contact at French Embassy United arab emirates :    

Mohamed Bendjebbour

Regional Audiovisual Attaché

Khaleej French Film & TV Office (United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Koweit, Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, Yemen, Sultanat of Oman)

c/o Consulate General of France

[email protected]