In 2016 – 20 French Design icons

When? From October 24th to October 29th 2016

French Touch @ Dubai Design Week, an exhibition by the French Institute of the United Arab Emirates, the cooperation and cultural action department of the French Embassy.

During the second edition of the Dubai Design Week, which took place between October 24 to 29 2016, the French Institute (the cultural department of the French Embassy in the United Arab Emirates) showcased French design, which has given birth to generations of internationally renowned designers.

The exhibition showcased the most emblematic designs that have characterized the daily lives of the French, but also received international recognition. Whether it is Philippe Starck’s juicer, Massonet’s “Tam-Tam” chair, the Perrier glass or the Bic pen, these quintessentially French icons, have the particularity and the common feature of taking advantage of technological innovations to break codes, renew traditional aesthetics and change social practices.