In 2018 – French Design
How innovation creates history

Presentation of the exhibition:
«Le French design, how innovation creates history»

When? From November 12th  to November 18th 2018

The Institut français in the United Arab Emirates, cultural department of the French Embassy, participated in November 2018 in the Dubai Design Week with a project entirely dedicated to the emerging French design scene. The exhibition “Le French Design, how innovation creates history“, created by the VIA and staged by Maud Louvrier-Clerc, redefined the links between art, design and lifestyles through a selection of original works by 14 designers from the Made in France en Transparence collective.

By experimenting on the borders between pure aestheticism and functionality, design has always influenced our daily lives. Designers are pioneers, they have identified the creative possibilities offered by material, societal and environmental innovations. Thus, design created our history and helps us today to better understand the future.

According to the Exhibition Commissioner, Maud Louvrier-Clerc, design – as a whole – highlights the challenges, particularly the ecological challenges, that we must face: “With the beginning of the 21st century, as we are confronted to climate challenge, it seems vital to give priority to innovation geared towards sustainable development and creating a responsible lifestyle. French design, in resonance with its heritage, is the bearer of this philosophy and these values. ».

The exhibition “Le French Design, how innovation creates history” promotes the diversity of upcoming French designers who, each in their own way, use innovations to create in a sustainable, ethical and responsible way.

In 2020, designers will return to their approach as the mandatory lockdown fades away.

Discover the designers and their works here!

Dimitri Pelissier