On November 6, 7 and 8th 2014, the French Embassy will organize a screening of “Beauty and the beast (La Belle et La Bête)”  in collaboration with Institut français, UniFrance Films and the Alliance Française of Abu Dhabi.

In France, 1810, a widowed merchant is forced to sell his town house and many of his belongings when he goes bankrupt. He and his six children move to a simple house in the countryside, though the only one happy with the change is his youngest daughter, Belle. One day news arrives that one of the merchant’s ships is intact, so he and his eldest son return to town in the hopes of collecting the goods that will restore their wealth. However, the goods are seized by the local authorities, and the merchant is forced to flee into the forest when Perducas, a crook, threatens to harm him over his son’s debts.

While lost in the forest, the merchant stumbles upon the magical domain of the Beast. The merchant takes treasure from the castle, but is captured by the Beast for stealing a single rose for Belle. The Beast allows the merchant to go and say goodbye to his children, but says he must return to take his punishment, or his entire family will be killed. Feeling responsible, Belle steals her father’s horse and returns to the castle to take her father’s fate.

At the castle, Belle is given luxurious goods and allowed to roam the grounds, but must return every evening for dinner with the Beast. At dinner, the Beast asks Belle if she will love him, but she rejects his advances. At night, Belle has vivid dreams about the castle as it used to be, and of the Prince who used to live in it. The Prince was in love with a Princess, who agreed to marry him as long as he promised to stop hunting an elusive golden deer in the woods, claiming that his obsession keeps him away from her.

Belle awakens and learns that her brothers and Perducas have gone to the Beast’s castle. She races after them, arriving just as the Beast is killing the intruders. The Beast stops his attack when Belle begs for mercy, but Perducas uses the golden arrow to shoot the Beast, mortally wounding him. Belle has her brothers, now regretful, carry the Beast into the castle to a well of magical healing water. While dying, the Beast asks whether Belle could ever love him, and she replies that she already does. The Beast sinks into the water, and when he rises up again he has transformed back into the Prince.

The film ends with the story being told by Belle to her two young children. They are living in the same countryside house with Belle’s father, and Belle goes outside to greet her husband, the Prince, who has just returned.

November 6 : 7pm

November 7 : 5pm and 7pm

November 8 : 3pm and 5pm

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