This new edition of the worldwide known contemporary art biennial invites over fifty artists and cultural practitioners from over twenty-five countries to introduce their ideas of the possible through their art and work. Among them, Institut français is proud to support the presence of the Lebanese writer, poet and playwright living in France Etel Adnan, the French drummer Uriel Barthelemi, the French film-maker Eric Baudelaire and the Congolese dancer and choreographer based in France Faustin Linyekula.

  • Etel Adnan


The respected Lebanon writer, poet and playwright artist Etel Adnan, born in Beirut and living and working in Paris, will focus her presentation for SB12 on paintings and tapestries as windows to her inexhaustible dialogue with nature, color and abstraction.

Through painting, Adnan conveys her private relationship to nature as living subject, each painting an “expression of an encounter.”  While her work in tapestry reflects “another state of mind”, these abstractions demonstrate her subtle power as a colorist. In addition to existing works, two newly commissioned tapestries based on designs from the 1970s, are presented as a world premiere.

 Etel Adnan tapestries and paintings – March 5 – June 5

  • Faustin Linyekula

Born in 1974 in Ubundu, Democratic Republic of Congo, Faustin Linyekula work as a choreographer, dancer, and founder of Studios Kabako in Kisangani is Intimately tied to the artist’s engagement with his home country. His work, Le Cargo (2011) focuses on decades-long legacy of war, terror, fear and economic collapse endured by his family, friends and community. Here, Linyekula examines his personal struggle with the violent past of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country that has seen its classification change from the Belgian Congo to Zaire to the DRC in the past sixty years.

In this self-choreographed solo performance, Linyekula moves, narrates and sings to original music composed by Obilo drummers and guitarist Flamme Kapaya. He is on a journey towards himself, searching for what ceases to exist—to dance and to speak of history through the body, while leaving words behind. With Le Cargo, Linyekula questions what it means to dance in the face of a country’s austere situation and whether it makes a difference to do so.

Faustin Linyekula, Le Cargo Friday 6 March 8.30pm and Saturday 7 March 9.30 pm –  at Sharjah Institute for Theatrical Arts.

  • Eric Baudelaire


French artist and film-maker, Eric Baudelaire was born in Salt Lake City in 1973. Eric Baudelaire’s presentation for SB12 consists of the presentation of “The Secession Sessions”, conceived as a series of invitations, initiated by the artist to investigate the question of statehood through the prism of the stateless state of Abkhazia. The project is composed of three elements: regular public office hours at the embassy of Abkhazia created within the Sharjah Biennial (5 March – 5 June 2015), and staffed by Maxim Gvinjia, former Foreign Minister of Abkhazia, during the opening week, and again in May; daily screenings of a film by Eric Baudelaire titled Letters to Max; and a program of talks, public events and seminars with scholars and artists from various backgrounds, exploring the issues at stake in “The Secession Sessions,” as part of Sharjah Art Foundation’s March Meeting 2015 (11 – 15 May).

Eric Baudelaire, “The Secession Sessions”  Thursday 5 and Friday 6 March – 10.00am-1pm.

  • Uriel Barthélémi


Following his studies at the conservatoires of Reims, La Courneuve, Montreuil, and the IRCAM, Uriel Barthélémi embarked upon electro-acoustic compositional work. This has led him to collaborate in numerous areas of the performing arts from 2002 onwards.

Uriel Barthélémi will premiere “Souls Landscape” at SB12. Directed by Rigo 23 upon excerpts of “The Wretched of the earth” of Frantz Fanon, Souls Landscape is a high tension performance in 4tet with hip hop dancers Entissar Al Hamdany and Fabrice Taraud, actor Joel Lokossou, and Uriel Barthélémi on drums/electronics.

This meeting bare, intense, animated and hectic, tends to make the scene, the place of the gushing of an imaged speech where the energy and the charge involved in each movement is more important than the visible phenomenon. A space where masks, real and imaginary, deploy or break to try to reveal some of the fragmented realities that remains in us, ethereal landscapes…

In this direction, Souls Landscape wants to give an abstract, dance and musical vision of Frantz Fanon’s reflection.

The purpose is raw and invested as much as oneiric and hypnotic, always seeking to push the performers beyond their limits…

Uriel Barthélémi, “Souls Landscape” Thursday 5 March 9.30pm and Saturday 7 March 7pm.

Sharjah Biennial, 4 francophones artists invited by the Sharjah Art Foundation and supported by Institut français :

  • Thursday March 5
  • Eric Baudelaire’s “The Secession Sessions” -10am-1pm
  • Uriel Barthélémi “Souls Landscape” – 9:30pm
  • Friday March 6
  • Eric Baudelaire’s “The Secession Sessions” -10am-1pm
  • Faustin Linyekula “Le Cargo” – 8.30pm
  • Saturday March 7
  • Uriel Barthélémi “Souls Landscape” – 7pm
  • Faustin Linyekula “Le Cargo”-30pm