The duo Juan Carmona-Ptit Moh will be performing an unparalleled concert on the 19th of October, 2018 in the New York University’s Arts Center.

Following the success of their concert at Ibn Zeydoun in Algiers, the musicians reunite again in Abu Dhabi on the 19th of October, 2018 to deliver a unique performance. The uncontested master of contemporary flamenco, Juan Carmona encounters the chaabi star of Algerian mandola, Ptit Moh, to initiate a musical dialogue on the intersection of tradition and modernity. These two innovative instrumentalists do not cease to enrich their musical repertoire, one that is inspired by their respective encounters and travels. This atypical duo perfectly incarnates the richness of cross-cultural exchange and embues this second season of the Emirati-French cultural Dialogue with a particular resonance. According to Bill Bragin, the Artistic Director of the NYUAD Arts Center, this concert is in parallel with the United Arab Emirates’ wish to celebrate the links between France and the entire Arab world, and underlines the perpetual process of strategic artistic exchange in this region.


Juan Carmona

Winner of multiple prizes, Juan Carmona emerges as a maestro of flamenco guitar starting with his stay in Spain, which, in 1996 gave birth to his musical tribute to the city Jerez « Borboreo », realized under the artistic direction of Isidro Muñoz. However, his career flourishes on a global scale after his return to France. Indeed, this virtuoso instrumentalist experiments with a big number of musical genres, such as Jazz and Indian music, in addition to participating in a big number of film soundtracks (la belle histoire, Cuisines et Dépendances, Sables Mouvants..,etc), before finding his own way by creating the group « Juan Carmona Grupo «  that perfectly encapsulates his convergent and divergent interests with a certain intellectual rigor. Today, his two musical compositions are peformed by a growing number of orchestras worldwide such as the Symphony of St. Louis in the US, the Russian Philharmony and even the National orchestra in Lyon. Therefore, sensu lato, he embues the most ancient flamenco traditions of Andalusia with a certain air of modernity making him one of the most innovative and prominent figures in the musical scene today.

Ptit Moh

Poly-instrumentalist, composer and interpretor, Ptit Moh, whose real name is Mohammed Abdennour also enjoys playing with multiple musical registers. However, he fell in love with one particular stringed instrument, the mandola, frequently used in chaabi and kabyl music. And exactly like Carmona, Ptit Moh also finds himself attracted to other cultures and musical endeavors. His musical lexicon is the product of his travels and encounters. This interest is concomitant with his need to facilitate the diffusion and proliferation of stringed instruments (the banjo, the mandola, the gumbri, the guitar, the oud..etc). In other words, all the musical instruments that he privileges in his musical group “Ptit Moh Group” in which he can freely experiment with different musical styles and invite other musicians to interpret his sonoric creations.


The Red Theater, NYUAD Arts Centre, Manarat Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi, UAE

In the framework of the « Off The Stage » program, two participatory workshops are proposed by the artists in the NYUAD Arts Center.
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