Presented as part of the Emirati-French Cultural Dialogue

As part of its international tour, the Compagnie “Danser Casa” travels to the United Arab Emirates for a unique performance on April 29, 2019 at the Arts Center of NYU Abu Dhabi.

Co-produced by the Institut français in the United Arab Emirates, cultural service of the French Embassy, ​​and the Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi, the show “Danser Casa” invites to a unique journey in contemporary Casablanca and illustrates the agitation and excitement of Moroccan youth.

For this show, two emblematic figures of French hip hop, the “Messi and Ronaldo” of urban dance, Kader Attou and Mourad Merzouki, met after 15 years of solo career to recruit dancers with various profiles to create a unique compagnie embodying the diversity of urban dance. Hip-hop belongs to the Casablanca’s DNA and it has been attracting more and more young talents for several years. Mourad Merzouki and Kader Attou thus wanted to highlight emerging dancers by guiding them “from the street to the stage”, faithful to their will to transmit their knowledge to young artists and to reveal all the richness of this dance.

After auditioning more than 200 dancers, seven men and one woman have been selected. Technique was not their only criteria. It is the combination of talent, personality and freedom of interpretation that convinced the two jury. In residence for more than a year in Morocco, the small troupe then began its tour. In France, Germany, Italy and Egypt, they will stop in the United Arab Emirates on April 29, 2019.

This show, very successful in France, illustrates the eagerness of Moroccan youth, the latent violence but also the hidden beauty and sweetness of the largest city in Morocco. From modern architecture, to the narrow streets of the Medina, there are diverse and varied paths that intersect, mingle, confront and cohabit.


“Danser Casa” embodies all these encounters and tensions.

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Focus on Mourad MerzoukiMourad Merzouki is one of the pioneers of hip-hop style in France. Since the 90’s he has become a major figure on the contemporary cultural scene. Like the name of his company “Käfig”, “cage” in Arabic and German, his style is at the crossroads of several fields: circus, martial arts, video arts … This desire to decompartmentalize the hip hop style made the success of Mourad Merzouki who, very quickly, became a regular on international tours. Very sensitive to the idea of ​​transmission, he currently holds the position of director of the Centre Chorégraphique National of Créteil and Val-de-Marne.

Focus on Kader AttouKader Attou is one of the central pillars of the French hip hop creative scene. His works are characterized by a great openness to the world and the different dance styles. He values ​​his travels and all the encounters he has been able to make, especially with his company Accrorap.Named in 2004 at the head of the Centre Chorégraphique National of La Rochelle, he became the first hip hop choreographer to head such an institution.