Franco-German friendship is also celebrated in the Emirates! On December 6th 2019, the Institut français in the UAE / Cultural Department of the French Embassy in cooperation with the German Embassy in the United Arab Emirates and the Goethe Institute present “Building beats”. This Franco-German project, which takes place at Warehouse 421 in Abu Dhabi, invites two  artists to share their know-how in workshops open to everyone for an entire afternoon. The day will end with a concert by the two artists.

The dynamism and innovation of the electro scenes in Berlin and Paris do not need to be introduced. The two DJ stars: Simonne Jones and Justine Perry, will export their talent and technique to the Emirates for a series of workshops in Dubai (SAE Institute) and Abu Dhabi (Warehouse 421).

They will be present at:

  • SAE Institute, Thursday, December 5 (further information:
  • Warehouse 421, December 6, from 1pm to 5pm on the art of composing electronic music and basic mixing techniques. The two artists will then perform on stage for two DJ sets (Justine Perry) and a concert (Simonne Jones).

About the artists

Simonne Jones is a versatile artist, composer, visual artist, musician, model, DJ and producer.  After studying sciences, she decided to devote herself fully to art while using her background as a biologist. She has composed for the Berlin theatre, been a model for leading haute couture brands, and has exhibited her paintings on HIV cells in galleries in New York and Berlin. Fascinated by the mysteries of the universe, she integrates sounds produced by stars using artificial intelligence into her new album. She is also well known in the cultural sector as Peaches is her mentor, Jared Leto is a fan, as is Jean-Michel Jarre, who sent her to live with an indigenous tribe in the Amazon for a music documentary.

Justine Perry is a French techno DJ based in Berlin, influenced by the scenes of the Berlin and Paris clubs, her sets are coloured by dark and acid techno atmospheres. She is a member of the Art Bei Ton collective, which brings together artists combining electronic music and visual arts. Shortly after starting her DJ career, she moved to two Parisian clubs, before being invited to major venues in Paris, London and Berlin such as La Station, Rex Club, Arena, Ohm, Suicide Circus, Wilde Renate, and Griessmühle. After moving to Berlin, she signed to the local label Art Bei Ton, and is currently working on the release of her first EP, as well as creating a light show with VJ artist Lucy Williams. Never too far from France, Justine is also part of the Dream Factory team.

About the workshops

1:00 – 2.30pm:
Beginner DJing Workshop presented by Justine Perry: Discover and understand how DJing equipment works, how to set up and to play on digital gear to start showcasing your own sets of any music genre using basic mixing techniques.

3:00 – 5:00pm:
Beginner Music Production Workshop presented by Simonne Jones: Expand the boundaries of your creative voice and knowledge of music production. Create a song with an industry experienced engineer/producer. Learn what happens in a professional writing/recording session. Collaborate in the writing, production and building of a song. This is a non-genre specific and hands-on workshop focusing on a broad understanding of the various techniques involved in song production and writing. All levels welcome.

About the concerts

5:30 – 6:00pm: DJ set with Justine Perry
6:00 – 6:45pm:  Live Show with Simonne Jones
6:45 –9:00pm: DJ set with Justine Perry

Practical information:

Date: December 6, 2019
Schedules: 1pm – 5pm for workshops; 5.30pm – 9pm for concerts and DJ sets.
Registrations : Places are limited and free of charge. Registration required on the Warhouse 421 website