The video game sector has been identified as a priority. The Cultural and Creative Industries (ICC) in the Emirates and more broadly in the Gulf are expanding rapidly. We are already capitalizing on French champions in this field (Ubisoft, present in Abu Dhabi, Deezer in Dubai…). The Embassy / UAE French Institute has been entrusted with a priority mission in favor of CCI by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. An action plan has been developed to encourage more exchanges between local actors and French operators.


The audiovisual mission has launched a first project called “GameLab” in 2018 in partnership with Ubisoft Abu Dhabi. This is an inter-university competition that trains local students in French video game know-how. This project also aims to promote the attractiveness of our territory with training in France. The success of this project, which has exceeded our expectations and generated interest and spin-offs in terms of notoriety at an unprecedented level on the Emirati side, allows us to pave the way for the establishment of a permanent campus that would allow to perpetuate the contribution of French expertise (discussion between the Abu Dhabi Educational Authority and French training schools in the field of video games).