Debates and Exchange of Ideas

The mission of the UAE French Institute is to share not only culture, but also knowledge: to disseminate research and contemporary French thought, to encourage exchanges between French and Emirati people in a wide variety of fields in order to build bridges between cultures.

These debates are based on conferences and meetings, in educational institutions, universities, and other places, accessible to the general public.


This is notably the case with the Night of Ideas, a flagship event of the French Institute which brings together all the French Institutes in the world every year, in January 2021: Night of Ideas.


In 2021, the theme “Nearby” was chosen and was addressed through a conference in the prism of contemporary socialities, solidarity and our relationship to space.


This allowed to explore through social sciences the link between the inhabitants and the urban space by paying particular attention to the ethnic mosaic that characterizes the country.


The UAE French Institute organizes this event with New York University Institute for Public Programming and Abu Dhabi Youth Hub.


Night of Ideas (January 30, 2019)

The UAE French Institute organized the 2019 Nuit des Idées, around the theme “Museums and New Technologies”, in collaboration with Dubai Culture. The event was a success in terms of audience and an example of successful collaboration. It created a link between the cultural and economic sectors, thanks to the participation of six companies and startups that presented their innovations.


Night of Ideas (28 January 2021)