Every year, during the month of Francophonie in March, the regional audiovisual attaché and the French Institute organize in Abu Dhabi and Dubai a Francophone film festival in partnership with several other embassies of member countries of the International Organization of Francophonie. Since 2019, the festival has partnered with the Art & Essay Cinema, and Akil cinema.

Another constant in the work of the audiovisual attaché is to promote a greater representation of French films in the country’s film festivals. These unique forums in the country make it possible to show a different kind of cinema than the one that is shown in theaters, offering an alternative to Hollywood cinema, far from any censorship.

More specific operations are also organized by the regional audiovisual cooperation in order to give even more visibility to French cinema.

Cultural cooperation and exchanges with the United Arab Emirates also take the form of purchasing audiovisual programs and promoting film exports. The regional audiovisual mission ensures that the country’s film buyers are regularly informed of new quality French productions and that they release the films in theaters.


The presence of these buyers at the main film markets in France, Cannes, Biarritz and Annecy, is carefully monitored. It is indeed during the various Mipcom and Miptv (international television program markets) that commercial exchanges are the most important, contributing to significant financial income for our exporters.