Learn French

Learn French in UAE

You live in the United Arab Emirates and you wish to learn French? Several solutions are available to you:

The Alliances françaises

Alliance française of Abu Dhabi

Tel : +971 (0)2 612 29 00

[email protected]


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Alliance française Al Ain

Tel: +971 (0)3 767 79 53

[email protected]


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Alliance française of Dubai

Tel : +971 (0)4 335 87 12

[email protected]


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Alliance française of Sharjah

The Alliances françaises are founded on the associative model within the framework of local law and are legally and financially autonomous. There are 832 of them in 131 countries, spread over the 5 continents. They are coordinated by the Fondation des Alliances françaises.


The Alliances françaises have the following missions:

–      Developing the teaching and use of the French language;

–      Promoting the knowledge of French and Francophone cultures;

–      Promoting diversity and dialogue between cultures.

Schools where French is taught

Many private schools in the UAE offer the possibility of learning French as a foreign language or even as a mother tongue; most of them offer their students to take the DELF Junior (Diplôme d’études en langue française) or DELF Prim (primary level) exams, organized by the Alliances françaises of the United Arab Emirates. These exams lead to diplomas issued by the French Ministry of Education and are recognized worldwide. The teachers of these schools receive training and are qualified to work as examiners and correctors.


For more information on the schools where French is taught, please contact:

[email protected]


There are several universities in the United Arab Emirates where you can learn French, or even study in French: Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi has a very extensive Department of French as a Foreign Language, offering an intensive annual course for entry into the Bachelor’s degree program. The United Arab Emirates Federal University (UAEU) offers its students the possibility of choosing a minor in French, which constitutes a valuable advantage to their academic career.