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Isabelle and her husband adopted Clara in Vietnam…

Mar 27, 2022

Screening of the film “14 days, 12 nights”

March 27

Screening of the film 14 days, 12 days, directed by par Jean-Philippe Duval
Cinema Akil, Dubaï

Isabelle and her husband adopted Clara in Vietnam. The years went by and the child became a woman. However, a terrible accident cost her her life. In the months that followed, the pain remained strong. In order to heal her wounds, the oceanographer flies to Hanoi to discover her daughter’s culture. She met Clara’s nanny, who allowed her to get in touch with her biological mother. Wanting to get to know her better before revealing the truth, Isabelle ends up befriending Thuy, seeing the country through her eyes. This is a film about adoption, but also about grief, about the love of two women united by the same child. It is a film about forgiveness for worlds that have been in conflict.