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A lively fiction that exudes sincerity, authenticity and sensitivity!

Mar 27, 2022

Screening of the film “La Mif”

March 27

Screening of the film La Mif, directed by Frédéric Baillif
Cinema Akil, Dubaï

In the heart of a foster home, a group of teenage girls live with their educators. Like a family, they have not chosen each other and they live under the same roof. When a miscellaneous event sets the world on fire, a whole sclerotic and backward system is revealed. Before starting his career as a filmmaker, the director worked for a long time in the field of social work, both in prisons and in homes. For two long years, he worked with young actors (non-professionals) who have a close or indirect experience, linking them intimately to their character. This is a fiction, certainly shot with the codes of a documentary, but an extremely lively fiction that transpires sincerity, authenticity, but also sensitivity.